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Classroom volunteering

We are excited to announce that after a pause on in-person programming due to the Pandemic, we’ll be returning to the schools for some of the programs you know and love! I hope you’ll consider joining us in January and May. No experience is necessary. Food and refreshments are provided. To sign up, click the links below or simply email Thank you for your consideration!


Mock Interviews with Jr. High School Students
Teen Leadership event

As a volunteer interviewer, you will conduct mock interviews with students and provide feedback. These mock interviews will help students boost confidence, reduce anxiety & stress, and receive constructive feedback, all in preparation for a future job.

Fall Semester Reality Shops
Teen Leadership event

A Reality Shop is a budgeting exercise for high school students, giving them an example of what situations they may experience after high school. Based on a students’ career aspirations, they will be given three job offers to choose from. Using their chosen offer and annual wage, the student must complete a monthly budget.

Spring Semester Reality Shops
table with sign up

Business volunteers at the Reality Shop play the role of vendors, selling cars, homes, insurance, luxury items, etc. to the students. Volunteers are crucial to providing a memorable and educational experience for the students.

Contact Holly to learn more about our programs:

Holly Fox
Director of Leadership Development
Portage County Business Council
(715) 344-1940

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