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Wisconsin Safety Council Releases 8 Step Guide to Keep Employees Safe

Submitted by Wisconsin Safety Council

Publication Summarizes Guidance and Best Practices from OSHA, NIOSH, CDC and Others

As Wisconsin prepares to return to work, Wisconsin Safety Council – the state’s leading provider of safety training and products – released a guide to be used by employers in an effort to help keep their employees safe. The new publication is meant to summarize guidance from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and National Safety Council (NSC) on how to safely open and operate businesses.

As the economy reopens, public confidence that individuals can safely return to work will be critical. Businesses must show they are prepared to keep employees, customers and other guests safe.

“Keeping workers safe is the priority for businesses all across Wisconsin,” said Aaron Huebner, Wisconsin Safety Council Executive Director. “While COVID-19 is a new type of challenge, it doesn’t change our shared goals or our shared commitments. This publications will help our state’s employers and safety professionals plan for a safe transition as employees begin to return to work.”

Wisconsin Safety Council stands ready to help businesses as they prepare to reopen their doors. The best practices outlined in “Returning to Work: 8 Steps to Keep Employees Safe” detail what businesses can be doing right now as the state’s economy gets closer to reopening. The key points covered are:

  1.  Identify key members of the restart team
  2.  Develop a policy for identifying & isolating sick people
  3.  Obtain necessary supply of PPE & cleaning materials
  4.  Clean & disinfect facilities
  5.  Determine risk of COVID-19 exposure
  6.  Implement controls to reduce risk of exposure
  7.  Provide training at all levels
  8.  Monitor the situation & ensure compliance

You can view the publication here.

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