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Video-Conferencing Alternatives

Submitted by Wildcard Corp.

While Zoom has exploded in popularity, there has been a lot of news criticizing the video-conferencing platform and for good reason, documented and undocumented. As a cybersecurity company, Wildcard Corp, strongly recommend that organizations do NOT use Zoom because of the many security and privacy concerns associated with it.

Please see our full Security Review of Zoom on our company website for a full breakdown of all the privacy and security issues related to Zoom and some recommended alternative platforms to use.
Zoom Security Review:

As a dedicated Managed Secure Service Provider, Wildcard has established strict business policies and procedures that help to ensure our continued success at providing top-notch security services that meet our clients’ mission expectations and legal expectations. In regard to security, Wildcard security standards include additional self-imposed security expectations that go beyond typical security compliance and regulations. One of those expectations includes the close evaluation of a software’s security standards before use in order to confirm that these standards meet our company’s most basic security requirements. Zoom does not meet our company standards so our staff will not be using the platform for any company related functions. Therefore, Wildcard personnel will NOT be able to participate in video-conferencing sessions set up through Zoom. 

If you would like to set up a phone call to discuss our concerns or find out more information about why we are making these recommendations please reach out to us at

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