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UW Online Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Management

By Portage County Business Council

Our world is changing rapidly:  we face challenges of economic uncertainty, escalating energy costs, and global climate change.  The Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Management is designed to help meet these challenges and the degree program is offered entirely online.

Get ready to take advantage of new career opportunities in the growing green economy.  Sustainable Management courses are taught by the same distinguished University of Wisconsin faculty as those on campuses.  Online learning means studying when and where it’s convenient for you.  Advisers provide support and understand your needs.

The Sustainable Management program will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the ways in which natural processes, business structures, and social needs intersect.  The curriculum includes courses in environmental studies, accounting, environmental policy, management, information systems, logistics, supply chain management and sustainability.

Corporations from across the country helped develop the Sustainable Management curriculum, and they believe in the value it will bring to their employees and their companies.  Internships and school-to-work opportunities are also being developed.

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