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Tools for Business Success

By Portage County Business Council

While there is a lot of conversation about talent attraction and retention based on challenging demographics, business retention is another cornerstone of what we do at the Portage County Business Council (PCBC).

Our recent golf outing was one example of that, where we create opportunities for network development with the desired outcome of more partnerships in our community. Of course, fun is a big part of that particular event, too. With the support of Portage County government, we recently purchased a product called, “Tools For Business Success”. You can find it on our website’s front page at It is a free tool-seriously!!! If you can’t find an answer on the site, there is an option to get help in the lower right hand corner or feel free to contact our office directly.

There are a multitude of topics included on the main page: Shop Local, Start A Business, Grow Your Business, Hire Employees, Business & Employee Training, Greening Your Business, Financing/Managing Money, Protect Your Business, Government Requirements, Minority/Women, Veteran, Youth Entrepreneurs, Agriculture, Business of Art, Construction, Data Center, Food Processing, Sell Globally, Green Technology, Health Industry, Manufacturing, Restaurants/ Tourism, Retail, and Selling To Government. The great thing about the site is we can continually submit changes and make improvements. If you see something that is missing or needs improvement or a correction, just let us know. The other advantage is the site contains local solutions as well as regional, state and national tools.

One example is under the Hire Employees tab. Click on the down arrow and then the green arrow by “Find The Right Person”. A number of bulleted items appear. Try “Hire an intern from UW Stevens Point” or “Hire a graduate from Mid-State Technical College”. The UWSP tab takes you to the School of Business and Economics. Mid-State’s takes you to the “Techconnect” page which actually will connect you to the Tech College system database. Also, don’t forget to post your job on the PCBC website as well.

The more people who interact with site and get us their feedback, the better it will become for everyone.

It is a good launching point for our community. Centergy, the regional economic development engine, is looking at the site as a regional resource for our entire area. The more we work together regionally, the better off we will all be in the long run.

I also want to take this opportunity to recognize one of our employees at PCBC. Karen Schanock, director of programs and events, is celebrating her 20th anniversary on June 9th. And speaking of the golf outing, Karen provides the leadership for that along with tremendous support from our Ambassadors. Karen manages around 50 events every year plus is an incredible resource to her teammates, Board members, Ambassadors and the business community. Congrats Karen and thanks for your exceptional commitment to our community!


Article Written By Todd Kuckkahn, Executive Director of Portage County Business Council