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TMA+Peritus to Design and Develop New Security Health Plan Client Website

By Portage County Business Council

Security Health Plan — a medically driven health maintenance organization serving businesses, government entities and individuals in a 32-county area of northern, western and central Wisconsin — has selected TMA+Peritus to design and develop a website for its provider and facility manuals. The website will give affiliated healthcare providers 24/7 access to the information in the manuals, make it easy for them to find and print the information in those manuals, and allows Security Health Plan to easily update the manuals. The website will be viewable by Android and iOS mobile devices.

TMA+Peritus — a website development, social media strategy, content marketing and branding agency with offices in Wausau and Madison — will facilitate the user interface design and develop Security Health Plan’s online manual, converting a library of PDFs into editable, portable digital documents which will allow users to print content from the website without browser or navigation visual elements. A new directory page will host forms from the manuals and clearly explain their appropriate use.

The site is set to launch at the end of September.

This information was provided by Michelle Rothmeyer, Content Specialist at TMA+Peritus. For more information contact Michelle at or (877) 296-7114.