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Ten Years and Counting. Thanks Portage County.

By Portage County Business Council

As a President and Founder of DigiCopy, I recently had the good fortune of celebrating our tenth anniversary.  We have seen our company grow from its initial store here in Stevens Point to thirteen locations across the state.   Success has many roots, but in our case, choosing Stevens Point as the place to locate our corporate offices was certainly one of the key ones.  Let me explain why.

First of all, as many of the territory sales professionals that call Stevens Point home will attest, our location on a map is a huge strategic advantage.  From Stevens Point, I can get to Milwaukee (2.5 hours), Green Bay (1.5 hours), Wausau (.5 hours), La Crosse (2 hours), Eau Claire (2 hours); conduct a days business, and return for dinner with my family.  This covers our current footprint!  Many people ask how I am able to successfully oversee the number of locations that we have.  The first answer of course, is having great people, and we have the best!  But the second critical factor is that strategically we are located in the middle of our territory.  And not only has location aided in our current growth, but it will play an even greater role as we expand to Madison (1.5 hours), Appleton (1 hour), Waukesha (2 hours) Minneapolis (3 hours) and Chicago (3.5 hours).  We figure we can open as many as 40-50 stores from Chicago to Minneapolis, all within a half-day’s drive of Stevens Point!

The second tremendous asset we have in Stevens Point is the tremendous pool of talented hard working people that have helped build our company.  Our schools are fantastic, and the work ethics of the people we have hired have been second to none.  Those are attributes not always found in bigger cities.  And having lived in larger metropolitan areas for much of my life, I can personally attest that we have a tremendous workforce to draw upon here.

The final reason Portage County has been such a wonderful home for us is the wonderful lifestyle our co-workers can take advantage of while living here.  Attracting and maintaining talent is made much easier when folks enjoy living some place.  Central Wisconsin offers the family friendly environment that allows us to hire and maintain our talented co-worker pool.  So in summary, we are proud to call Stevens Point our home, and look forward to the next ten years as we continue to expand our business!