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Stevens Point Takes Home the Bronze!

By Portage County Business Council

Stevens Point takes home the bronze; the bronze star in the Water Star Program, that is. The Water Star Program sponsored by the Wisconsin DNR, Cooperative Extension, MSA Professional Services, Town and County RC&D, among others (listed below) recognizes cities that have taken steps to protect surface and groundwater.

The program showcases innovative efforts that WI municipalities have used to protect water resources. Over the last 30 years, the City of Stevens Point has developed strong policies and land purchases to protect city wells and drinking water. In 2007 the city Water and Sewage Department identified ways drinking water was unnecessarily being used. As a result the department now uses recycled wastewater to flush sewer system mains, to water its lawn and to heat several facility buildings.

The Water Star Program award accompanies Stevens Point’s recent American Water Works Association 2010 award for the nation’s best tasting tap water.

The Water Star Program is sponsored by: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Cooperative Extension, MSA Professional Services, Town and County RC&D, Rock River Coalition, UW-Extension Environmental Resources Center, Dane County, Natural Resources Consulting Inc., Wisconsin Public Service Commission and Ruekert-Mielke.