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Simple Steps to Create a Successful at Home Workspace

Submitted by Michelle Venzke, Real Deals on Home Décor

To all of you working from home these days, you may want to pull up a (desk) chair and settle in for a few minutes for some practical tips to help you develop your own personalized and functional workspace. I am not talking about a full-blown remodel but putting into place a few key ideas to carve out a space for you to be both creative and productive. Many of the tips will not cost anything…just a little ingenuity.

First, find a space to claim as your own. Do not use any space that is already designated for daily tasks such as eating and sleeping. (i.e. the kitchen table or your bed). Focus on finding a space where your work items can remain on a permanent basis. If you do not have an extra room for your home office, convert a closet or use the corner of a room less frequented. A designated space will keep you more organized and on track and save tons of time from not having to pick up and reset up each day to begin working. If you do not have a desk, use a folding table or place a piece of countertop between two file cabinets, for example. Next claim a good chair with a solid back. This will save you and your back in the long run. Lastly, make sure you have good lighting. Bring an added lamp from another room that is seldom used. Simple, right? But so important as a strong foundation for possible weeks of working from home, successfully.

Second, plan your day wisely. Be aware of obstacles to getting your work done and try to work around distractions. Perhaps the internet is slowed to a halt from 10 to 2 or the kids have homework that they need help on each day. I think the key here is using what you have learned to be the new normal these past few weeks and going with the flow and trying a different approach when things are not working. Acknowledge the everyday challenges and find ways to creatively adapt. That will certainly look different for each of you. But starting each day, at a clutter-free workspace, is going to go a long way to helping you remain focused. Cluttered workspace = cluttered mind, therefore you should find ways to organize your work supplies. Use household items like a magazine rack, Tupperware containers, or file folders in a plastic bin to file papers and supplies. Even empty soup cans make great organizers for scissors, pens, pencils, etc. The key is not to spend a fortune to make yourself more efficient, just be creative and do not be afraid to repurpose items to get what you need to organize your space for now.

Third, and this is the fun part. Make your space your own. Hang a favorite piece of artwork where you can see it “while you are at work”. Add a colorful or calming area rug, or bring a plant into your space, either real or artificial, as there is calmness associated with green and nature. Have a clock nearby to keep track of the time. Many of these items you can find right around your house or you may choose to splurge on a few new items just to give your space a fresh look. Your workspace should be somewhere you want to visit on a daily basis. After all you may be working there for a while yet, or it may turn out so nice you may never want to leave.

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