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Rookies Sports Pub Helps Restock Crappies

By Portage County Business Council

Original published by the Stevens Point City Times

When the McDill Lake District asked for some help restocking the pond, Rookies Sports Pub answered the call.

“After reviewing the fish survey results from fall 2014, the Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources has agreed to allow McDill Lake District to stock black crappie in McDill Pond,” wrote Krista Olson, president of the lake district, in a January open letter.

A foggy McDill Pond on Thanksgiving morning, 2015. (City Times photo)

Olson went on to ask for donations to the district, so it could pay the $1.25-per-fish cost to restock the pond with crappies three-to-four inches in length. The fish would be purchased from a local fish farm, she said.

When Randy Woyak, owner of Rookies Sports Pub, heard about the efforts to restock the pond, he enlisted his customers to help.

“We raised like 1200 dollars,” said Woyak, who’s owned Rookies for the past eight years. “It was all customer-driven; we had different drawings and some donations from our vendors and customers.”

Rookies is less than a block away from the pond, which was drained in 2011 so crews couple repair cracks in the McDill Pond Dam. After multiple delays the pond was refilled in 2013, and officials from the lake district have since been trying to reestablish the fishery.

The pond was stocked with 3,000 perch in May 2013, and 12,000 large-mouth bass in August 2013 – a requirement by the Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources. In addition to the required restocking, the lake district also has plans to add additional perch and blue gills.

The McDill Pond Inland Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District is home to 176 properties, as well as the Aldo Leopold Audubon Society Bird Refuge.

The McDill Lake District Commission will meet at 6:30 PM on Thurs., April 7 in the Ben Franklin Junior High School Library, 2000 Polk Street. The public is welcome to attend.