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PynPoints and the Portage County Business Council Announce New Partnership

By Portage County Business Council

Stevens Point’s locally owned mobile marketing app, PynPoints and the Portage County Business Council (PCBC) launched a partnership to benefit PCBC members.

PynPoints, was first launched in its beta form in early 2017, then re-launched last November in Portage County to help bring a little Silicon Valley marketing tech to the area with a focus on helping locally owned businesses.

Since the relaunch, PynPoints has worked with a multitude of businesses ranging from retail fashion boutiques, dining establishments, health and wellness facilities, and local charitable organizations. PynPoints works with these local businesses to develop unique offers, ads, and messaging in conjunction with complementary images to be placed in the PynPoints mobile application. PynPoints is unique in that it allows users to choose to see ads of local businesses rather than ads of places that are not relevant to where they live or shop.

The technology used in the PynPoints App, while simplistic in nature, is both high tech and increasing in demand worldwide. PynPoints has brought this unique technology to the area, and will be working in partnership with the Business Council to include some of the PynPoints services in the PCBC memberships. It is an opportunity for both PynPoints and PCBC to come together and offer a unique marketing outlet typically not available in smaller communities.

“We are very excited to have the opportunity to work with PCBC and all of its members to offer this new service to the Portage County area. We believe the app will give local customers an easy and fun way to search for local deals, offers, and event updates without having to sacrifice their privacy to do so.” says Miguel Campos, Co-Partner and Director of Business Partnerships with PynPoints. “With this new partnership, we hope to bring a unique new level of marketing insight not yet utilized in our community but very much a part of the growing ad landscape.”

Please contact Tonya Kowalski, 715-344-1940 or for more details on this exciting new program.

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