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Portage County Business Council Announces Golden Apple Award Recipient

By Portage County Business Council

The Portage County Business Council is proud to announce that Catalina Cabello, Spanish Language Teacher at Pacelli High School, has been selected as the recipient of the 2021 Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Education.

Ms. Cabello in addition to her role as the only language teacher at Pacelli, serves as a member of two professional associations, board member of the Portage County Literacy Council, and freelance interpreter and translator for multiple organizations including the Stevens Point Area Public School District, among other involvement.

It is distinctly clear from the nominations and letters of support received in her honor that she is an exceptional educator. “She uses a wide range of learning activities, some traditional and others more engaging – but she makes all the learning fun and switches activities up so it’s never the same. Students participate in relay races to conjugate verbs, buzzers are used to review new vocabulary and concepts, there’s even a Big Wheel to spin.”

Ms. Cabello was one of 15 nominees for this award and was selected in a blind (names and schools hidden) juried process by a panel of 7 business representatives. Runners up, also from Pacelli Catholic Schools, are Ms. Dana LaMotte, Computer Science Teacher, and Ms. Tiffany Wittmus, 5th Grade Teacher.

Cabello, LaMotte, Wittmus, and the other 12 nominees will be recognized at the Portage County Business Council’s Creative Excellence Awards Breakfast on Tuesday, April 6 at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Convention Center in Stevens Point. Registration for the event can be found at

For more information, contact Kayla Rombalski at

About the Golden Apple Award-The Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Education is given annually to a teacher who exemplifies creativity, enthusiasm, commitment and development of a positive learning environment. The award is part of Portage County Business Council’s Partners in Education (PIE) programming.

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