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Partners In Education hosted a Reality Shop

By Portage County Business Council

Partners In Education hosted a Reality Shop yesterday at SPASH. The Reality Shop is a budgeting exercise for students, giving them a taste of what life after high school might feel like.

Based on a student’s chosen career and educational aspirations they are given an annual salary. They are also randomly assigned a family scenario (married, single, divorced, children, etc), credit card debt, credit score, and student loan debt. Using their net monthly income students walk around the Reality Shop to make purchases and add those line items in their budget.







The event would not be possible without the support of 40 business volunteers who took time out of their day to spend with these students! Special shout out to those volunteers! Thank you for your time!

Also, check it out: Tonya Kowalski, Portage County Business Council Director of Business Engagement “went live” on Facebook during the event. Tonya interviewed a volunteer and a student about the experience.