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Portage County Farmers Market


By Portage County Business Council

Written by Kayla Rombalski, Director of Talent Development at PCBC 


From the smallest retail shops to the largest companies in our community, it seems everywhere you look these days a new “NOW HIRING” or “HELP WANTED” sign has been posted. Everyone seems to be looking for qualified workers to join their business ranks, whether that employee is a high school graduate, Associate’s Degree holder, or has graduated from a four-year degree school.

But how are we preparing these students, the next generation of workers, to enter the workforce. Through our Partners in Education (PIE) programs, we work to draw connections between businesses PIElogoand educators. When business leaders and hiring managers work together with teachers both parties gain a better understanding on what is needed to prepare students for the work world. A math teacher may make a connection to machining, and thus can teach the real-world application for the formulas students are learning.

One way PIE works to facilitate these teacher and business leader relationships is to host a special network development event just for these groups.

We hope you will join us on October 5 at Skyward for a Business After Hours event specific to new teacher and business relationships. New teachers to their district will have a chance to meet business representatives from across the community and make valuable connections to take back to their classrooms. Business leaders will learn more about what is happening to educate our future workforce and can make observations about what is most needed from employees in their industry sector.

Join us Wednesday, October 5 from 5:00-7:00 PM at Skyward for this event. Food and refreshments will be provided, along with a few raffle prizes. Please register to let us know you’re coming.

See you there!