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Beneficiary Designations Supersede Other Instructions

By LouAnn Schulfer,  AWMA®, AIF® Accredited Wealth Management Advisor® Accredited Investment Fiduciary Last week, I shared information about the importance of knowing how to update your beneficiary designations.  While the (continued).

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Meetings Suck: What Cameron Herold can teach you about running a meeting

Cameron Herold, also known as the CEO Whisperer, has lots to say about running meetings. Although many in the business world complain about meetings, Herold claims that it is not (continued).

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True Wealth: All that Money Can’t Buy

True Wealth:  All that Money Can’t Buy By LouAnn Schulfer, AWMA®, AIF® Accredited Wealth Management Advisor® Accredited Investment Fiduciary® I googled “wealth” recently and got about 280,000,000 results in .42 (continued).

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How to Get Results on LinkedIn in Just 15 Minutes

Because of all the changes taking place on LinkedIn, people are frequently asking me what they should be doing each day for maximum LinkedIn success. So today I’m going to (continued).

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Investing and Planning: Different for Women than Men?

By LouAnn Schulfer, AWMA®, AIF® Accredited Wealth Management AdvisorSM Accredited Investment Fiduciary®   Early in my career, I would despise hearing how women differ from men when it comes to (continued).

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How Technology Can Transform Workplace Humanity

One could argue that technology has done more to harm humans than to help them. Interactions that were once between people have been redirected toward screens—just think of office exchanges, (continued).

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2018 November Active Voice Digital Magazine

By Portage County Business Council

The Portage County Business Council Active Voice Digital Magazine is now available. We are glad you are a part of the Portage County Business Council / Foundation. We hope you are having (continued).

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