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Mission Coffee House POURCAST

By Portage County Business Council

Check out what Mission Coffee House has POURED back in October 2019…

Mission Coffee is excited about their new local partnerships with Gamber-Johnson and the Next Degree Cafe at 212 Fitness.  Mission Coffee is roasting fresh local roasted coffee for both of these wonderful businesses in Portage County.  Gamber-Johnson made the decision to use Mission Coffee Roasters for their employees. There were a lot of benefits with this choice including improved employee morale, better tasting coffee, supporting local business, and an implemented cost savings! It was a no brainer! Next Degree in 212 Fitness is utilizing local vendors and we just sent our first delivery of fresh local roasted coffee to them last week. They do a fantastic job and we are very happy to partner with them!

Mission Coffee also established a partnership with the Hairless Dog Company out of the twin cities in Minnesota. Our roaster, Ben Hall. created a proprietary blend for an NA coffee stout beer. This unique company specializes in creating NA beers. They are a community minded business looking for quality. We are humbled to be picked as their choice. They are wonderful people and the NA beer will be produced right here in our very own Stevens Point Brewery! This was an amazing win for us as it will be roasted and produced right here in Portage County!!!

Mission Coffee brought in 2 new local products in October. TAOS Bakes and Honestly Cranberry! TAOS Bakes are granola bars in 6 different varieties. They are all made with 100% natural ingredients, gluten free, and non GMO. They are made in small batches in a facility empowered by solar!  So cool.  Here’s the really neat part, the cranberries in these TAOS Bakes are from Honestly Cranberry right down Highway 54 from us!!  We didn’t realize that at first, but when we found out, we brought them in right away!  These are great additions to our current vendors that include Tapped Maple Syrup, Siren Shrub, Silver Wings Honey, Black Umami Garlic, Ashley Megal cards, and so many more!

Mission Coffee’s purpose is to sustain missions in local communities.  In October we partnered with the Plover Kiwanis club and kicked back $700 to them.  We also partnered with Ice Hawks in Stevens Point and kicked back $1000!  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Keep us in mind for Christmas and your next fundraiser!!  We can’t wait to pour back into our community!

submitted by Russ Ehlinger of Mission Coffee House.