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Needs Assessment to Help You Close Your Gaps

Mid-State Technical College is Committed to Your Successful Business

It is a leader’s role to accomplish organizational transformation and create a thriving enterprise in which politics, unhealthy conflict and confusion are minimized so that morale, customer focus, productivity and employee turnover are affected in positive ways.  But for both leaders and employees, knowing “what to do” is not enough; learning “how to do” makes the difference. This effort requires new knowledge and a new approach to ensure a solid understanding of direction and strategy, as well as to develop skills in areas like communication, finance, marketing, technology and safety.

We Can Help When the Stakes are High

The philosophy of Mid-State Technical College Workforce Solutions is to support both the employees and leaders of your business to remove barriers, increase efficiencies, reduce wastes, enhance skills, boost motivation, promote collaboration and provide meaningful insight into what is actually going on in your organization. Through customized workforce development programs and immediately relevant hands-on training, we can assist in your efforts to create a stronger, more profitable and healthy business in which owners, leaders, workers, suppliers, customers and communities all benefit.  Our success is linked to your success.  

Businesses are investing at higher and faster rates in developing their workforce because they recognize that a capable and engaged workforce enables employees to be focused on the direction and strategy of the business, to seek and suggest ideas for improvement and efficiency, develop competencies that allow them to advance within the company and nurtures feelings of ownership and commitment to success.  The competent workforce becomes the foundation for growth and competitive advantage in strong and healthy organizations and the regional economy.

As your business identifies gaps in your workforce, finding the resources to support your efforts to close those gaps becomes critical. For the vast majority of employers, especially those with fewer than 500 employees, internal resources have always been limited. While larger employers used to be able to strategically shift internal functional experts to address organizational health, more recently organizations of all sizes have become lean and focused solely on the core competencies needed to deliver their product or service.

The Right Resources at the Right Time

Mid-State Technical College Workforce Solutions can help analyze your current state, assist in identification of shortfalls and provide practical, made-to-order options for your business to fill those development gaps.  It is true that one of our core businesses is helping people learn new skills by providing technical education and associate degree programs that prepare students to either enter the workforce or transfer to other colleges and universities to earn a 4-year degree.  However, another core business initiative to which we are newly and fully dedicated is working with our local employer base to develop custom workshops, sessions and classes to provide specific technical and strategic, just-in-time training that is needed to develop and retain a highly skilled pool of talent.

Mid-State Technical College Workforce Solutions is committed to collaborating with local business and industry to become a vital resource and responsive partner by assembling a team of professional subject matter experts who can deliver a wide array of high-quality experiences and dynamic learning opportunities related to many of the areas that can help your business turn the “what to do” into the “how to do.”  We can also provide skilled technical assistance to facilitate change or work through specific project needs.  The Mid-State Technical College Workforce Solutions initiative is designed to support you, our business and industry partners, to recruit, develop and retain a workforce that can serve confidently with both the competence to do the work and the motivation to do it well.

In order to assist us as we develop our menu of standard offerings, as well as to connect with us regarding your specific organizational needs, please take 5 to 10 minutes to complete this NEEDS ASSESSMENT.  Please let us know what we can do and how you would like us to be involved in helping to make your business stronger.

Questions?  Please contact Heather Grys-Luecht or 715.422.5426.