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Ignite Member Spotlight: Jenny Piotrowski

By Portage County Business Council
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Occupation: Business Development Coordinator at
How long have you lived/worked in Portage County? 
I’ve lived in Portage County my entire life. I have been with Eastbay since September 2015.
What is the most rewarding professional or student experience you have had?
I’ve had numerous opportunities to take part in very rewarding experiences, both while as a student and in my professional career. Of all those experiences, I can sum up my most rewarding as two different opportunities. The first was securing a graduate assistants position that allowed me to earn my MBA in Sport Management while gaining invaluable experience in my field of study.
The second experience, or rather experiences, have been my travels for work. I am lucky enough to hold a position that allows me to travel to different locations across the country, interact with the company’s demographic, and be active at various events.  It’s helped me have a better understanding of our consumers, and personally, I have traveled to new locations I probably never would have on my own.
What is something you hope to accomplish in the next year?
I hope to continue to grow as a leader and develop my career and network through Ignite and similar opportunities.
Why did you get involved with Ignite?
A friend of mine was a member and asked me to come along to a Saturday Backstage Pass last year. I’d heard about Ignite previously and had been wanting to check it out, but working in Wausau made it difficult to attend some of the events. I enjoyed the Backstage Pass and decided in 2017 I was going to try to be an active member of Ignite and meet new people.
What advice would you give to other young professionals looking to make their mark?
I know this is probably pretty repetitive, but take advantage of your opportunities and don’t allow not knowing what you’re getting yourself into or not knowing someone prevent you from trying something. You’ll be able to walk away with the knowledge that you’ll want to pursue something further or never want to do it again. As a bonus, you’ll probably meet some pretty cool people in the process too.
Do you volunteer or belong to other organizations?
I try to volunteer whenever I can. My employer has some great programs that allow their employees to get out in to the community. This past year I took part in Junior Achievement and had a blast exploring new topics with a third-grade class.
What is a little-known fact about yourself?
I want to attend at least one Major League Baseball game at all thirty of the MLB stadiums. I have been to five so far so (I know I have a long way to go), and my favorite has been Miller Park. 😉