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Leadership Portage County – January

Recap Written By: Derek Nest, CliftonLarsonAllen

At the beginning of the meeting we discussed “Our Story So Far” and met in groups to collaborate on the things we’ve done so far and what we would like to do in the future.

Participant Speeches

Betty Kitzerow: Family Crisis Center

Paula Erickson: Portage County Dressed for Work Association Inc.

Holly Beauvais: Key Components to a Good Life

Welcome to Mid-State – provided an overview of Mid-State Tech and its offerings of 2 year degrees in addition to the many different classes they offer to the public.

Session Leaders

Jenny – Skyward Team Leader, also owns a Photography Business

Eva – UWSP College of Professional Studies, Marketing and Communication

***Ideas – Going out for Drinks and starting a Facebook group. Maybe even Kickball tournament in May.

Midway Eval – Common theme was that everyone would like more time to discuss and dive in deeper to review the common themes of the sessions so far. In small groups we answered the following questions:

1.) What is an “Ah-Ha” Moment you’ve had?

2.) As a result of LPC, I will commit to…?

3.) What resources do you need to move forward?

Educational Leadership Roundtables

Todd Huspeni – Associate Vice Chancellor @ UWSP

  • Job is to ensure they get the best out of faculty all things academic related (i.e. Faculty Accreditations)
  • Busy planning and working through joining with the extensions
  • In regards to the mergers, it was the best solution for everyone, but the timetable has made it more difficult to accomplish and manage their goals.
  • Looking to possibly expand 4 year degrees in certain fields to the extensions to provide better opportunity to students

John Vollendorf – Principal @ SPASH

  • Oversees numerous staff (106 Teachers, 55 other)
  • Has noticed the school “climate” is unique and the majority of students actually like to be at school as it is more engaging than it used to be.

Volker Gaul – Campus Dean @ Mid-State Technical College

  • Puts out fires across campus
  • Part of the Enrollment and Recruitment team
  • Headcount increasing on campus, but FTE is down (Students taking longer)
  • As economy is better, more job opportunities for those w/o a degree, they aren’t seeing the value of the degree
  • Mentioned the program mixed is designed specifically for Portage County
  • Works with employers and discovers needs and can build programs specific to those needs

Larry Theiss – Principal @ Pacelli High School

  • Discussed many of the challenges in working at the school and also the key role Skyward has played in keeping their technology needs current.

Kathy Davies – Building Better Boards

Governance Board – Exec Director Operates based on Guidance of the Board

Advisory Board – Strategic Plan put in place, then board supports that plan

Did a great job going through and explaining expectations and commitments. Addressed numerous issues you should familiarize yourself with when joining a board and any pitfalls to avoid.

Dan Lathrop – Point of Discovery School (Grades 6-9)

Discussed that the current school format is great for passing tests, but once you move on and graduate, the more important things tend to be 1) the quality of your work, 2) workforce/college/citizen readiness, and 3) Character.

Currently enrolls 100 students, might be up to 125 next year. They are part of the school district, funded the same way. 15-20% of their students are from open-enrollment in the surrounding areas.

Mary Ann – Building your Assets

                Discussed the 40 building blocks (Assets).

Average kid has an average of 15 assets initially

Has been a part of a community-wide initiative

Shannon Semmerling – Network & Relationship Building

– Started business in 2014, Ask Shannon PR, LLC

– Networking isn’t about getting cards and talking, it’s about finding out what you can do for others

– Reviewed Ted Talks with Amy Cuddy about Body Language

– Went over words to eliminate from your vocabulary when networking and the words to replace them with (i.e. “But” to “AND”)

– Went over “7 Ways to Make Small Talk More Interesting” and “7 Ways to Be More Interesting”

– Went through the “What Do You Do” routine and discussed 45 questions to get past the generic small talk

– Shannon also provided us a list of books to read to help us with our networking and relationship building