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Get To Know Your PCBC Staff

By Portage County Business Council
In honor of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce Month, we want members to get to know their local chamber staff. During the month of September we will feature short articles on each staff members. PCBC will also have more fun throughout the month. Look out for pop in visits, treats, member shout outs, trivia and much more!

How long have you worked at PCBC?

I’ve been under contract for over two years. It is debatable how much I have worked?!?!


Why did you choose to work at PCBC?

I learned a great deal about PCBC when I was on the Board of Directors. Having been in the community for 11 years at the time, it looked like a way to grow professionally and stay engaged with so many great businesses and leaders.


What do you enjoy about working at PCBC?

Our community has so much to offer in a great setting. We say “Where Economic Vitality Meets Quality of Life” and I truly believe that. There is a great entrepreneurial spirit and growth associated with that. There has been a lot of digging going on and it continues. That shows a healthy economy. And the leadership is engaged with all aspects of the community.


What is one interesting fact about you that most people do not know?

I have driven an airplane, Harley Hog and ice re-surfacer.