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The Future Wisconsin Project and Economic Summit

By Portage County Business Council

For the past 18-months, the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) Foundation has been building a new initiative called The Future Wisconsin Project.  The project is looking at Wisconsin’s long-term economic health and asking questions like:  What will Wisconsin look like in 20 years?  What will our workforce look like?  What sort of businesses will thrive in our economy?  How will our tech colleges and universities stack up to those in other states?  What sort of jobs will be available?  Will we be able to grow our economy if we can’t find the labor to fill the jobs?

In partnership with WMC, the UW System, the Wisconsin Technical College System, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, the Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, and the Department of Workforce Development have embarked on a process to help identify, answer and be prepared for the outcome of questions mentioned above.  To date, nearly 60 Chambers statewide, including the Portage County Business Council, have signed on as a Future Wisconsin Community in support of the project.

The project focuses on (6) Competitive Quality Indicators that affect Wisconsin communities:

  • Talent Development, Attraction and Retention
  • Business Competitiveness
  • Global Engagement
  • Government Effectiveness
  • Life Quality
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

For more information on The Future Wisconsin Project and the Economic Summit, please check out and share the following:

  • The Future Wisconsin Economic Summit Brochure (December 3 in Milwaukee):  Registration is also available online; members of PCBC can register as a Project Partner ($100).
  • Social Media:  Jim Morgan, President of WMC Foundation will be tweeting about the event every day.  If you want to follow him @JimMorgan1960 or @WisconsinMC, feel free to re-tweet.  He will use #FutureWI.
  • “Forward Thinkers” video series: