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That First Impression is Important

By John Hartman, owner of Contemporary Photography

In today’s digital age, it’s highly likely that people seeking your products or services will meet you on a screen before they meet you in person. The photograph of you that you present online or in print will influence, for better or worse, whether that prospect decides to do business with you or move on.

There are those who don’t understand how important this first impression is. You see them all the time on websites, social media and in newspapers and magazines; snapshot phone selfies, pictures made by a ‘friend with a good camera’, or worst of all, the dreaded photo that’s at least 15 years old.

A well-crafted publicity portrait will set you apart from the vast majority of people who don’t use them.  A professional image maker understands how to flatter you with proper lighting, posing and the ability to get a pleasing and natural expression. This will go a long way toward providing that first impression ‘edge up’ that builds your brand as it grows your business.

Over the four decades I’ve been making business portraits, I’ve seen a wide variety of photographic styles come and go, but the traditional images seem to best stand the test of time. A simple look with a plain, uncluttered background (whether in the studio or on location), allows the viewer to quickly see a bit of your personality while you present a clean and professional image.

Good publicity staff portraits should be an important component of the marketing, branding and business plan of any organization.