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By Portage County Business Council

When I was at a recent talent attraction summit, the head of Bergstrom Motors shared a story of how an employee whose brother saw the company’s social media posts had decided to apply to work there and eventually work for Bergstrom. The people noticed the fun, engaging environment. Those are the kind of tactics we need to bring talent to our area.

I also recently attended the Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce Executives conference and the Governor shared that there are more jobs than people in Wisconsin. More JOBS than PEOPLE.

The Portage County Business Council (PCBC) has been listening to you and clearly understands that talent attraction is THE number one issue for our community. As your partner in economic development, PCBC again took action.

PCBC is proud to announce that the talent attraction website is now live and available for all of us to brag about the exceptional quality of life in our community. Yes, we need to brag about all the great things here!

In true PCBC fashion, we had a ribbon-cutting of our own to celebrate everyone’s work on this. The Board of Directors, committee members, staff and general public were in attendance to share in the exciting official announcement.

This new website can help answer questions for potential employees or current residents related to all we have to offer. We are attempting to give our community every advantage in the talent attraction challenge and this site can help to share how our economic vitality interacts with our quality of life. It is a one-stop shop for those who want to research our assets.

According to the website home page, it came out of a vision that if you know how to have fun, dream big, and work hard, make it a point to join us here. Where is here? We thought you would never ask! Here consists of Plover, Amherst, Rosholt, Stevens Point, and the surrounding area. We like to relax, experience all four seasons outdoors, be with friends, enjoy fall colors, eat good food and drink craft beverages, oh, and yes– work with talented people. Let us get to the point, join us here where you can choose your best you!

There are a variety of ways that businesses or residents can use the site. The web address or link can be put in job postings, on business or personal websites, on businesses advertising and billboards or residents and employees can use it on social media. That’s what Bergstrom Motors did. We have to brag and spread the word.

Angel Whitehead, Marketing/ Communication Coordinator from the Business Council said, “It was a labor of love. Putting the website together from the ground up with the support of so many in our community was further proof of the great partnerships we have here in such a wonderful community.” Angel led the effort and did a tremendous job with all of the feedback we received and continue to receive. has links to quality of life, fun, bragging rights, housing, education, and jobs. It is a simple way to navigate around our digital community from the comfort of home without having to do multiple searches on multiple topics.

Over two hundred people have reviewed the site before this launch.  PCBC also hired a local professional editor. But since everybody isn’t perfect, we hope people let us know what changes might need to be made.

The PCBC communication committee, Portage County government, Stevens Point Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and CREATE Portage County all deserve credit for their special attention and support of the project. It was truly a community-wide effort and we will need the community to continue promoting the site.

The committee will be doing a campaign with advertising on billboards on I-39 and Highway 10 so travelers and visitors are able to learn more about the community. PCBC will also be looking for permanent signs. Digital marketing is another opportunity to promote our community as the outreach expands well beyond Portage County. Finally, businesses will have the chance to purchase advertising on the site itself to promote all they do to make the Portage County a great place to live.


Let’s ALL get the word out and invite more talent to our community.