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D1 Training – Because Every Body Needs Training

By Kevin Kirschbaum, D1 Training and posted by Stevens Point Orthopedics – Read more blogs about health, wellness and fitness at

Many questions can come into your head when you start exercising again after an injury:

  • How hard should I push myself?
  • Am I pushing hard enough?
  • Are these aches and pains a normal part of exercise, or is an old issue flaring up?

These same questions may pop up again when you’re prepping for an upcoming surgery, or if you recently had surgery and are finishing up with physical therapy.

When there’s work to be done and you need additional information and direction, come to D1 Training.

Our nationally certified coaches can help you by:

  • Improving strength, mobility and flexibility
  • Encouraging weight loss
  • Recommending proper nutrition
  • Helping you build confidence going into your upcoming surgery, or when recovering from surgery

D1 coaches specialize in motivating and inspiring you to be your best. This includes providing you with accountability, a proven process and a five-star facility to get you to your goal.

While our coaches can’t diagnose or treat injuries, they work with your SPO physical therapists to detect symptoms that might indicate recurrence of a prior injury, and can be vital to the prevention of injury while returning to exercise.

D1 coaches are experts in movement and exercise selection to improve fitness. We use that expertise and team with the skilled SPO medical team to assess, educate and train clients on their health and fitness needs.

Rooted in science, our workouts couple results-oriented training programs with expert coaches that awaken and fuel your innate desire to achieve.

Communication and collaboration is the key to your success, as you’ll discover when we meet with you during one of your last physical therapy sessions and discuss a plan for success — a customized personal plan, built around your goals and your definition of success.

We know that every body needs training to truly live — proven, professional, positive training. D1 Training is committed to timeless training methods and constant innovation to optimize results and help you reach your fitness goals.

We know that you want results from a true training partner that inspires and equips you to live at your highest level. That’s what makes our fitness training facility D1fferent.

A Little About Me

It’s easy to be motivated to help people in the community when you’re part of the community yourself.

I was born in Stevens Point, grew up in Green Bay, and came back to Stevens Point to attend UWSP. I began personal training and coaching in 2005, which led me to a degree in Health Promotion and Wellness with an emphasis in Health and Fitness leadership and a minor in Strength and Conditioning.

I fell in love with helping others achieve their goals through fitness, and started Flexible Fitness Solutions in 2009.

In late 2016, Klasinski Clinic (now SPO) approached me about starting something bigger for our community. The result was D1 Training – training and therapy under one roof, with a team of highly motivated people passionate about helping others achieve their goals.

In the meantime, I earned my Master’s Degree in Community and Organizational Leadership in 2019, so I can educate others in strength and conditioning.

I have the privilege of training individuals who range in age from six to 92, each with a unique goal.

Through the Bridge Program, D1 Training and Stevens Point Orthopedics combine the efforts of scores of individuals just like me – local people, members of the community, passionate about helping you get better and move well, and ready to help our friends and neighbors through improved health, fitness, sport and wellness.

It’s truly exciting and uplifting to see a group like ours come together and help so many. So if you need help to get back to the activity level you love, let me ask you: What are you waiting for?