What CopperLeaf Senior Living is:

With more than 25 years of experience providing seniors assistance with daily living needs, the Copperleaf mission offers assisted living and independent senior living options, and specializes in all levels of assisted living, including Alzheimer’s and dementia care, hospice, and rehabilitation services.

Copperleaf Senior Living strives to provide quality services in Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Independent Senior Housing communities. Our corporate group owns and operates housing units across central Wisconsin. In each of these homes, we focus on catering to the specific needs of each resident by offering an assortment of services and amenities.

In our Copperleaf premiere communities, you will feel a synergy unique to the quality of care, cleanliness, and calming aesthetics each has to offer. You will feel an atmosphere of trust, where we maintain our focus on the art of quality caregiving.

Hanging in the entrance of each of our eight homes hangs a plaque that is testimony to the Copperleaf Care philosophies. This plaque, which includes a portrait of founders Jim and Krista Mendyke, represents personal assurance of your loved one’s quality of care and life.

Thank you for your visit today, Copperleaf Senior Living, owned and operated by Jim and Krista Mendyke, strives to make the community here, “A better place.. A better life.. for everyone, today!” If for any reason you have not a positive visit today, please contact us. We welcome any communication that helps us better understand and meet your expectations.

Sincerely, Krista and Jim

Please help us to help make your Copperleaf experience the best that it can be!

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Krista Mendyke


1077 Wilshire Blvd.

Stevens PointWI 54481

(715) 254-4357