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Check out Wisconsin’s Economic Development Programs for your Business!

By Portage County Business Council

Businesses considering job creation, investment in property or equipment, employee training or other development may be eligible for financial assistance programs offered through the Wisconsin Department of Commerce. According to Deputy Secretary Zach Brandon, Wisconsin has assembled some of the most powerful economic development tools in the country. The tools, including loans and grants, tax credits and bonding, are designed to grow Wisconsin’s economy, create jobs and spur new investment in Wisconsin companies. Brandon presented current Wisconsin economic data and economic development programs at a recent meeting held at the Portage County Business Council. To view his presentation, click here.  A list of enactments of the 2009-10 Wisconsin State Legislature related to economic programs and incentives was also provided by Representative Louis Molepske, Jr. For the complete list, click here.

Businesses interested in learning more about the programs or what incentives they may be eligible for are encouraged to contact the area representative for the Wisconsin Department of Commerce, Deb Clements, at 715-344-1381 (office), 715-340-9767 (cell) or by email:

Brandon reported that one of the challenges the Department of Commerce has is limited funding to get the word out about the economic development programs. The Portage County Business Council is pleased to forward the information.