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Business X-Change

Business X-Change meets regularly throughout the year. This April program was our first presented as a Live Webinar. Business X-Change allows business owners and their employees the opportunity to discuss pertinent topics, learn from local industry leaders and, most importantly, learn from each other.

This Month’s Topic: Healthcare in the Workplace 101
Presented by: Samantha Diedrich MS, CWP
Sales Executive at Aspirus Business Health

About the Program: Employers are continually looking for ways to retain and recruit quality employees. Healthcare integration strategies in the workplace is an effective strategy to show you value your employee’s health and well-being; as well as, giving the employer some financial ROI. Business Health Programming at the worksite can be done by integrating prevention, treatment and/or rehabilitation services directly to their employees.
About our Speaker: Samantha is a Certified Wellness Practitioner and the Sales Executive at Aspirus Business Health. She works directly with the Business Development teams and Aspirus Growth strategy teams. She is passionate about engaging business partners, employers and clients to improve their lives through health and happiness. Sam has her master’s degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology and has worked in the Wellness Industry for over 10 years.

Following this presentation you will be able to:
1. Recognize how healthcare solutions can help you build and maintain a culture of health & safety in your workplace.
2. Identify injury and chronic disease prevention strategies appropriate for the worksite.
3. Identify how healthcare practices for the worksite can impact business ROI.
4. Learn how multiple services align and support population health.

If you were unable to attend, you can view the recording of the event here:


Special thanks to Aspirus for their sponsorship of this program.