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Bill Could Present a Redevelopment Opportunity for Stevens Point

By Portage County Business Council

Congressman Dave Obey recently announced the passing of the FY 2011 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development bill by the Appropriations Committee. It’s now on to the full House and Senate for votes. The bill includes several provisions designed to stimulate economic development in Wisconsin. The bill summary outlines five goals including:

  • Investing in jobs and infrastructure
  • Supporting vulnerable populations in a difficult economy
  • Ensuring safe transportation
  • Building healthy communities with environmentally sustainable solutions
  • Ensuring responsible management and oversight of government investments

What does this mean for Portage County? According to the City of Stevens Point, $750,000 has been earmarked “to help the City of Stevens Point eliminate blighted and environmentally contaminated properties in the downtown area.” The properties would then provide the opportunity for redevelopment in business and housing. Thus, creating jobs and generating income.

Read the full list of earmarked funds here.