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Be the Bachelor!

By Portage County Business Council

Did you ever notice that owning a business is a lot like being one of the ladies on “The Bachelor?” Here you are trying to be the smartest, funniest and most attractive business you can be, in a sea of other equally funny and attractive businesses. You and all the others are competing for the love of the same customer.

But what if you could turn the tables? What if you could be the Bachelor? If you were the prize, there’d be only one of you, and the customers would be competing for your affection?

That’s what creating a strong positioning statement can do for your business. A positioning statement is how you are perceived in the minds of your prospects and customers. It’s what makes you different from the other businesses out there. If your business is not different, it’s invisible. Creating a clear positioning statement takes thought and effort. But if you can determine the differences in:

  • who you really are as a company
  • what business you are really in
  • who exactly buys your products and services
  • product and service demands by your market
  • competitive advantages and unique value you offer,

Then you are well on your way to leaving the sea of sameness behind.

Be the bachelor!