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A Rare Yes!

By Portage County Business Council

The success of our business community depends on a strong local educational system—not only to build a capable workforce from within, but to attract and retain high-quality talent from outside the area. The Portage County Business Council (PCBC) Board of Directors encourages you to vote yes on both school district referendum.

PCBC primarily focuses on education and awareness when it comes to legislative matters, including referendum and candidates. The schools are too important for a thrivent community. Our economic development and quality of life are impacted directly.

On the November 6th ballot, the Stevens Point Area School District has posed two referendum questions. If passed, the funding will enable the district to make critical infrastructure improvements, improve academic services, stay current with technology demands, properly fund maintenance and remain competitive with neighboring school systems. PCBC encourages you to vote on both referendum.

As business leaders, we understand the correlation between education and talent supply. If our school systems falter, the result will be a devastating blow to the most vital component of our businesses – our workforce. In today’s educational climate, with factors such as open enrollment, school choice, and teacher retention, schools need to mirror some of the practices successful businesses use to remain competitive. The two referendum need to be considered separately and they will be found on the back of the ballot.

Not only has the school district whittled away what some might consider unnecessary, but they have also trimmed considerably to get to a manageable number for the bonding. I hope you’ve seen the pictures and heard the stories about some of the lousy conditions in the schools.

PCBC encourages you to visit the district’s Forward Together information page, in which the needs and challenges precipitating this referendum are outlined in detail. You will also learn how these two referendum can help the district overcome these challenges, so it can continue providing a high-quality education to the students within our community and retain our quality teachers and administrators.


Let’s help move our schools Forward Together.

Thank you for your consideration.

Todd Kuckkahn

Executive Director, Portage County Business Council

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